Business coaching

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Coaching can dramatically boost business performance

A recent report by the CIPD stated that 77% of organisations use coaching as a means of development of their teams and leaders. In companies with over 2,000 employees, 91% use coaching, whilst in smaller companies (250-500 employees) 68% use coaching. In my experience, the topics that keep business professionals awake at night include…

  • Customer service issues
  • Sales performance
  • Competition in their marketplace,
  • The need for transformation and change within their business.

Coaching improves your bottom line

Coaching can help in a wide range of areas which ultimately will bring benefit to the performance of the individual, the team and to the overall organisation. The result is almost always a tangible improvement to the bottom line. I have worked with a number of both small and large organisations on a range of business critical topics which have included:

  • Morale and Motivation
  • Performance issues
  • Talent and Succession planning
  • Leadership capability
  • Presentation and Negotiation skills
  • Managing conflict
  • Time Management, Procrastination and Goal Setting



Some of my corporate clients that I have worked with, have had this to say:

A senior medical officer in the Royal Navy was facing key decisions in relation to his career ambitions within the Navy and through a series of six coaching sessions he felt he gained the following benefits:

“Working with Lesley really helped me to focus on some immediate career-related goals and some longer term career goals.  Through her effective questions and goal-setting techniques in particular, addressing two areas for me on time management and procrastination, I have achieved significant progress in all the areas and have found significant impact in my overall work-life balance.  I have also been successful in achieving my next promotion within the Royal Navy, and I attribute that to the coaching sessions that I spent with Lesley.  I wish to continue coaching with Lesley via Skype.”

Senior medical officer
Royal Navy


A self-employed consultant was facing a number of challenges with regards to planning the growth of his business but also was keen to work on his own professional development:  

“Lesley has worked with me on a set of goals related to the development of my business and I now feel that I have a specific pathway towards achieving those goals.  As a result of my work with Lesley, I have recently won some significant contracts which have meant that my public profile has been raised, and I have felt great benefit as a result'”

Self-employed consultant


“As a senior medical officer in the Royal Navy, I am used to consultation models as part of my role, for example the Pendleton Model, so I was intrigued to see how Coaching could work for me. The differences are obvious in that Lesley was facilitating my thinking through her questions and helping me focus on the key activities that I wanted to address, rather than her problem solving or finding solutions for me. My overall goal was to look at my work/life balance however this was in the context of my longer term career ambitions in relation to my military medical career. I felt that Lesley’s coaching really helped me focus on some immediate objectives, whilst thinking about my longer term career goals and also my own fitness levels. By helping me through effective questioning and goal-setting techniques to address procrastination and time management, I believe that I achieved significant progress in all three areas. I completed some medical exams successfully, I have secured my next major career move and I am now focused on my fitness goal which includes hockey, running and wake-boarding! I would like to continue coaching with Lesley although that would have to be via Skype or telephone as I am now on an international two year deployment.”

Senior medical officer, Royal Navy


“Lesley’s coaching for me has been fundamental in how it’s helped me to make progress with my business. I’ve managed to achieve significant advancement in my marketing, bid-writing activities, blog posts, generating new contacts and increasing my confidence as a relatively recently self-employed consultant. Working with Lesley has been such a powerful experience and I’m delighted to have had that opportunity. I look forward to my coaching sessions with Lesley because I knew positive outcomes would be the result. She asked questions that challenged me to think hard about how my experience would help me to move forward and about I could find ways around blocks by myself but with her there as the person whose coaching influence kept me moving. As a result, I secured several new project assignments in 2014 which have raised my profile with new clients. I can see clearly how this is attributed to the momentum generated by Lesley’s coaching for which I’m very grateful. Lesley has a great ‘way’ about her and knows how to push clients but keep them engaged so that progress is cumulative between sessions. She uses insightful questions to respond to my comments, which means I’ve had to think deeper about what’s really mattered. I very much look forward to continuing an ongoing dialogue with Lesley.”

Business Strategy Consultant