Personal / Professional coaching

keeping your head above water - coaching with Lesley Monaghan

Confidential coaching for private clients who want to move forward


I have worked successfully with a number of individual private clients on a range of topics including…


  • Career decisions
  • Stress and other impacts on work-life balance
  • Redundancy and job changes
  • Relationship challenges within and outside of the workplace
  • Handling conflict in their lives
  • Self Confidence and Image issues
  • Personal decisions and goals e.g. weight loss, fitness goals, personal lifestyle decisions


Lesley Monaghan coaching

Don’t take my word for it, read what my clients say…


A senior marketing executive within the automotive industry who wanted some coaching to assist her with work-life balance challenges.

“Having worked with Lesley in 4 face-to-face coaching sessions, I have achieved a number of things which have helped me find ways to spot ‘burn-out’ and find ways to manage that and to reclaim my life by taking time to do the things that I want to do, e.g. yoga, playing the saxophone and buying a camper van!  The four sessions were ideal for me in helping me to address these challenges.”

Senior marketing executive
Automotive industry


An MSc. Graduate was facing a number of key decisions in relation to her career direction, who chose coaching via Skype and telephone.

“With Lesley’s coaching, I was able to look at my career options, evaluate them to help me develop a plan which meant that any decisions that I took met both my short term and longer term career goals with regards to my career within the field of Sustainability. I felt that Lesley’s approach of active listening and open questions really helped me to arrive at a strong career development plan which is now fully in place and I have just commenced a key role within a prestigious organisation which ticked all the boxes on my career decisions plan and I feel that this has been down to Lesley’s coaching.  I am recommending that my partner also take up the opportunity to have some coaching with Lesley to assist him with his career choices.”

MSc. Graduate


“Lesley’s Coaching helped me explore a couple of challenges in the areas of managing burn-out and wanting to develop a coping strategy for that, and a wider goal of looking at my overall “life plan” including what retirement might look like. I wanted to look at a number of different areas and through Lesley’s guided questions we covered a lot of ground. Key points for me are: 1. The Coaching framework that Lesley used worked naturally. 2. Lesley took care to set up the coaching environment to make it as comfortable as possible. 3.Lesley uses active listening very well and linked previous discussions into the current coaching session which helped me enormously. 4.The coaching conversations were natural and I felt I had plenty of space to talk things though. As a result, I feel that I achieved a number of things through the coaching sessions including recognising the signs to spot “burn-out” early and finding ways to manage that, improving my work/life balance by reclaiming my evenings and taking time out to do the things that I want to do e.g. yoga, learning to play the saxophone and I have also bought a Camper Van! The four sessions were ideal for me in terms of helping me address these challenges.”

Senior Marketing Executive


“The key benefits that I found though my coaching sessions with Lesley were as follows:
1. The sessions were very concentrated however I felt we covered a lot of ground and in particular I felt that the time gave me space to concentrate on what I wanted to cover which is quite unusual for me within my busy work/life schedule. 2. Lesley built excellent rapport which encouraged me to share thoughts, anxieties and ideas, in the knowledge that she would not judge me and that it was a safe confidential space to think things through. 3. Sometimes I would give reasons why I hadn’t been able to achieve certain things since the last coaching session, however, in the nicest possible way, Lesley always encouraged me to address these and to find out the underlying reasons or possible obstacles to me moving forwards. 4. I liked the way that we could switch topic from session to session with our any pre-conceived ideas on Lesley’s part about what might come out of the session. 5. I always came away with a clear plan of action which is not something that is natural to me – that was a real bonus for me! 6. Lesley also had the knack of asking me questions such as how certain things would make the biggest difference going forwards, what small step might begin to move me forwards – which I found really helpful in terms of overcoming possible obstacles”

Senior Learning & Development Manager